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I haven't really made a lot of programs I'm proud of, but there still are some!

Electron Configuration - Web Version

HTML, Javascript

Takes a number of electrons input and outputs the Electron Configuration. Useful for Chemistry.

The newest version; on the web, no need to use an installer

View Version 11.12.2015_1 (1.0)

Electron Configuration - Visual

C#, VB

Made for windows

Electron Configuration, Visual version, screenshot

The output is selectable and copyable.

Download Version 11.12.2015_1 (1.0)

Electron Configuration - Console


Made for Windows

Electron Configuration, Console version, screenshot Electron Configuration, Console version, screenshot

First version of the 3; not copyable, but the core math is the same

Download Version 11.10.2015_1 (4.0)

Binary counter


Made for Windows

Binary counter, screenshot

More of an experiment to brush on how on binary works, and basic math, but I decided to share it anywas with some friends

Download Version 11.10.2015_1 (1.0)